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/ John Fazzolari

Using technology to bridge long distance construction.

Technology in Construction - Fazzolari Custom Homes - Fazzolari Construction

If you’ve ever been through a large remodeling project you know there are always surprises behind the walls, under the floors and even in the new cabinets and fixtures. Hundreds of decisions need to be made, finishes need to be checked and everyone needs to be up to date on progress for the project to run smoothly.

How we can leverage technology.

In one remodeling job in Camas, Washington that we completed, the owners spent the entire project in China tending to business interests. At that distance it can be difficult to bridge communication barriers. China is about 15 hours ahead of us in the Pacific Northwest. Still, we could exchange calls, texts, and emails early in the morning and late afternoon/early evening here. 

Using an iPad to help with home renovations.

And since this was essentially a whole-house renovation, encompassing the kitchen, downstairs bathroom, built-ins, flooring, master bedroom and master bathroom, there was plenty to do and plenty to communicate.

Using mobile devices and apps, we took photos on the job site, made notes and drawings on those photos and shared them instantly with the client, so they could clearly see what we planned or what decisions needed to be made. Using screen share we can also do video tours around the house while we talk to our clients in real time. We can use the same technologies to communicate with subcontractors and vendors, keeping them up to date on the project.

It’s a technology we now use for many of our projects because it speeds up communication and can allow the client to make decisions while they are at work, on vacation, or even in China. Ultimately, good communication leads to greater trust, which keeps projects running smoothly and leads to the beautiful results clients expect and deserve.


Technology has become another important tool in our belt. We leverage the newest technology on every project to streamline communication with key stakeholders during the project to manage schedules, model the design, order materials and much more. If you are considering building a custom home or renovating your home, contact us for a free review and consultation to make sure you considering all aspects of the project.