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Fazzolari Construction Featured In Oregon Home Magazine

Oregon Home Magazine - Custom Home Construction - Fazzolari Custom Home Construction

With a combined 66 years of experience in custom home construction, we at Fazzolari Construction know a thing or two about construction, so much so that we were featured in Oregon Home Magazine.

On all our projects, we work closely with our clients and provide advice throughout the process. Our years of experience allow us to help our clients on their journey to building their dream homes. Whether they’re starting from the ground up or doing a renovation, we take on any type of custom home project. We can work with fully-formed ideas to create the house our clients envision or provide our own ideas to inspire them.

Not only this but we coach and help our clients understand the process. We want them to feel confident throughout each step of the remodeling process. There’s nothing more important than ensuring that our clients end up with the home they’ve always wanted while keeping stress levels low throughout the build.

Our Custom Home Philosophy

No two homes are the same. And we bring this philosophy to the table when we design your home or renovation projects. It’s all about using your particular styles and preferences and working those into the design of the home.

We never build the same house twice, and this speaks to our ethos as custom home builders in the Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon area. Our custom home builders are committed to a team approach. We ensure everyone is on the same page so that everything runs smoothly.

We believe that good customer service is everything. At Fazzalori Construction, we want every customer to feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. Our team of contractors and subcontractors works hard to meet our clients’ individual needs and expectations. It’s all about communicating and providing a positive overall experience so that everyone comes out a winner.

We Design Unique Homes To Meet Our Clients’ Dreams

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary home re-design or a “Mid-century Modernization”, we’re ready to match our experience to your vision to create a masterfully built home. Here are a few examples of some of our projects:

 A Condo Remodel – The Vancouver High Rise

Here we took a classic condo from the 70s and transformed it into a modern, sunny condo for a recently retired couple.

We went from top to bottom on this one (literally). It was a major, full-home renovation, from knocking down some of the existing walls to all of the finishes too, including cabinetry, flooring, and the walls (even the kitchen sink!). It truly was an extensive renovation project, but entirely worth it in the end!

 A Stunning Kitchen and Living Room Renovation – The Felida Ranch

Sometimes, all a home needs to revive its charm is a remodel of the main living areas, like the kitchen and living room.

This was a great project for us. We not only made the kitchen more ergonomic and the dining area usable, but we got to resurrect old oak flooring that just needed some TLC.

Sometimes it’s about creating a timeless, classic space that’s inviting and will look great for years to come, which is exactly what we did with this project, and for this family.


A Major Renovation – The Mid-century Modernization

There are many Mid-century homes that lack the contemporary factor that carry them well into this side of the 21st century. With this project, our job was to transform this home into the contemporary home of an artist and dog-lover.

We created a balance between clean lines and contemporary geometrical finishes, with art pieces and subtle use of color. This, coupled with the Mid-century structure of the original home, was always going to result in a masterpiece!

 An Award-winning Remodel – The Best in Show

The Giving Home, completed in just 5 months, boasts a classic 3-story bungalow style. We gave every corner of the home the attention it deserves. From the guest suite above the garage to one of our favorite parts of the house, the kitchen, it all came together beautifully to become a stunning tour house that has won 6 out of 7 People’s Choice Awards!

Who doesn’t love classic Portland home finishes, like a beautiful hardwood floor? This home really sparks some nostalgia, particularly if one grew up in the Portland, Oregon area. And for a show house, it’s all about creating a good feeling for a home – which is exactly what this house does!

 Build The Home You Envision With Fazzolari Custom Home Builders

Here at Fazzolari, we work with all types of clients to build their dream homes. From small renovation projects, like a living room, or kitchen remodel, to a major renovation of the entire house, we’re ready for your next project. Whether you’re doing your first ever home remodel or have some experience, we can help bring your ideas to life!