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What Is a Home Warranty From a Custom Home Builder?

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Custom homes in the Vancouver WA area can be elaborate projects, depending on the details of the plan. Which is why potential buyers should also know what coverage home warranties can provide.

What exactly is a home warranty? Do the warranty terms differ depending on whether you buy from a custom home builder or a general contractor? You need to know the answers to questions like these before you can think about finally building your dream home.

Below, we will discuss what exactly a home warranty is, and how it ensures the longevity of your property.

What Is A Home Warranty?

A home warranty provides protection for both the custom home builder or general contractor and the homeowner. In other words, it gives homeowners coverage against shoddy work with no recourse. In addition, it covers builders in terms of liability if something were to go wrong.

A custom homes warranty in Vancouver WA should describe both the problems and solutions for which the builder will be held responsible after completing a project. Furthermore, it should also stipulate the duration of the warranty and how to address a dispute.

General contractors for custom homes should provide you with a standard warranty. Depending on the project, the warranty can differ in terms of duration and what it covers.

The key thing to remember is to always read your warranty before signing on the dotted line. This way, you have realistic expectations of what you can claim should something go wrong.

What Do Warranties For Custom Homes In Vancouver WA Cover?

Now, what exactly do custom home warranties usually cover? Here are the basics.

The workmanship warranty

A workmanship warranty provides homeowners with coverage against installation and general workmanship errors. Typically, this type of warranty provides coverage for up to one year following the construction’s completion. However, the duration of the warranty can differ from contractor to contractor.

The workmanship warranty normally applies to the installation of building materials. For example, the installation of a door or a window. However, it doesn’t cover the integrity of the door or window itself.

New homeowners should remember to read the fine print of a workmanship warranty before any construction takes place.

Mechanical systems warranty

The mechanical systems warranty backs the builder’s warranty on any defects in the piping, wiring, electrical, plumbing, ductwork, ventilating, cooling, or other mechanical systems. Any covered mechanical components that do not meet the established performance standard during the first two years are usually repaired or replaced.

Normally, this warranty is valid for two years. But, this can vary depending on the builder you work with and the product manufacturer. General contractors and custom home builders get their supplies from different manufacturers. This can affect the lifespan of the systems in question.

Structural warranty

A home’s structural warranty typically has the longest lifespan of all the warranties. This is because t covers major structural defects. Normally valid for up to ten years, a structural warranty typically covers wall, framing, roofing, and foundation defects.

In some cases, homeowners can transfer it to new owners should they choose to sell the house. It also covers major distribution systems within a home, like waste piping, supply piping, and ducting.

Why It’s Important For Custom Homes Vancouver WA

It’s important to prioritize your home’s safety and structural integrity so that you can enjoy it to the full. Not only will a warranty give you peace of mind should the worst happen, but it will also ensure that the value of your property investment won’t diminish over time.

Warranties also stipulate how you should report breakages to ensure your situation is attended to immediately. If your home is still under warranty, your builder will provide you with emergency contact information. By reporting damage immediately, you can stop any problem from causing further damage.

Some builders will provide a scheduled walk-through for custom homes in Vancouver WA before the builder’s defects and material warranty expires. This is so that they can correct anything that needs fixing without you having to pay for it. However, if your general contractor doesn’t offer this, then you should request to have it done before the warranties expire.

Home warranties can provide peace of mind for both buyers and builders. However, as a buyer, you should always be proactive in terms of knowing what you are covered for. It is also a good idea to stay on top of any breakages, especially during your first year as a homeowner.

Key Takeaways

When thinking about buying a custom home in Vancouver WA, it’s always a good idea to know exactly what coverage your home will have. By immediately reporting any breakages to your custom home builder, you can ensure the longevity and structural integrity of your home.

Be sure to understand the terms and conditions of your home warranty in case you need to request repairs or service after construction.