Stuff people say about us.


From some pretty cool clients.

What people say about you matters. Sometimes it’s not all good, but we’re thankful, and a bit proud of the fact that nearly every one of our clients has a few nice words for us when the hammering has stopped. That’s a pretty big deal, given the disruptive, messy, time-consuming and expensive process builders put people through.


Kitchen Remodel

We recently did a complete to-the-studs kitchen remodel using Fazzolari Construction. It was a pleasure working with John and his crew, and we were thrilled with the beautiful outcome of the completed kitchen. They exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend them to anyone. We are looking at using them again on our next home project.


Bill Grunstead

Minor Remodel

The Fazzolari team was an absolute class act from bid to the final nail. We had our front porch rebuilt along with skylight additions in our 1920’s home this summer. We are so excited and pleased with the results and have neighbors stopping by regularly to complement the craftsmanship. John and his team are great communicators, creative and talented visionaries, and a real pleasure to work with. When I look at my house I now see my home. Beautiful and thoughtful work through and through!


Stephanie Proudfoot

Condo Remodel

Selecting Fazzolari Homes for our condo remodel was such a good decision. Living 2.5 hours away, we never felt out of the loop and were able to stay a distant ‘hands-on’ as they would share updates through photos and messaging.

We needed to open up the living space to take advantage of our view, completely redo the kitchen and update the lighting all while working within the HOA concerns. Chris Sperry was our personal liaison and basically held our hand through the process. This included meeting with a kitchen designer, flooring and countertop representatives, appliance selection, electrician, built-in technology and lighting and plumbing options.

The improvements accomplished showed they listened to our wants and exceeded our expectations: the Santa Fe wall texturing, lowered ceiling with LED dimmable lighting throughout, the state-of-the-art Atmos sound and entertainment system and especially the new kitchen.

Experiencing first hand their quality of workmanship, teamwork and excellent communication, we would certainly recommend them.


John and Vicky Mikesh

Major Renovation

We met with John two times to walk a potential property purchase/development. We quickly concluded that if we went forward with our large addition and remodel of several buildings, we would really want to work with him.

1) He answers his phone AND his emails even after typical work hours. I called him after 5:00 PM and he met with us the next morning. 2) He answered our questions with honesty and curiosity. He really listens. He actually asked us if this property really met our needs! 3) It was very clear he wanted to build what we wanted, not what he wanted, and he offered lots of suggestions when issues needed to be resolved. 4) He has a great number of resources and he is open to the owner being involved. 5) He really encouraged us with his positive attitude and knowledge.

This is not our first project, but our first in Vancouver, Washington. If you need help with a new build or remodel or both, you should meet John Fazzolari.


Candace Moran

Major Renovation

John and his team were great to work with. They paid attention to our needs and were always mindful of our budget and schedule. When things needed to be addressed, John and his team were quick to respond and went out of their way to keep us happy. We were very pleased with the finished product – they did a great job!


Brian Dickman

Major Renovation

We moved to Felida from San Diego last summer. We have a big family, and this was taxing for all of us. To complicate an already stressful move, I decided to do a big renovation.

John and his team were undoubtedly the right people to work with. I pretty much sent photos of design work I liked, gave terrible descriptions (this is NOT my industry) and told them to make it happen and make it happen on schedule.

There were small problems that occurred throughout the process (completely out of their control). I knew that a big renovation would be impossible to go through without any speed bumps. What I appreciated the most was how problems were resolved immediately.

The project was completed one month early and exceeded my expectations. It completely blew me away. I cannot recommend their services enough. Without hesitation, they are the only company we will ever trust for future renovations


Janelle Saldua

Custom Home

In 2005, my wife and I relocated back to the Vancouver area from Florida. We were in the market for a one-level house and very few were available, or at least not any that suited our needs.

We were introduced to Fazzolari Construction. John worked with us in locating a lot and then worked with my wife and me in developing the floor plan that we wanted.

John and his crew continued to work with us all through the building process on any changes. As an example, we were visiting the building site on this one day while the framing was in process. The crew just happened to be framing one of the bathrooms in one of the master bedrooms (there are two) and were laying out the shower area. My wife and I left the site and went to a local restaurant for lunch, during which she said she wasn’t sure she liked the shower design. After a few quick sketches on a napkin, we went back to the house and showed the changes to John’s foreman. Even though the original design had been started, he pulled up the framing and laid out the new changes my wife had sketched on the napkin.

Now that won’t happen with the average builder. We would recommend John Fazzolari for any project you may be planning. You won’t be disappointed.


Bruce Peden

Kitchen Remodel

When we were wanting to change out our kitchen sink with a copper farm sink this summer, we immediately called on Fazzolari Construction to do the job! John Fazzolari and his crew had already remodeled our master bathroom for us, and had also put up an incredible patio cover, both of which are creative works of art. We knew they would listen to our ideas and create a design that we would be pleased with while working within our budget. We were not disappointed!

The workmanship was superb on the sink and the surrounding granite!! The Fazzolari crew was on time and kept us informed every step along the way and we really enjoyed working with them.

We love our new sink and granite!! We would not hesitate to call on Fazzolari Custom Homes and Restoration again and would definitely recommend them to our friends!


Don & Carole Kaulitz

Kitchen & Bath Remodel

A sense of dedication to “doing the job right” is why we originally chose to work with Fazzolari Construction. Having previously worked with a variety of local area contractors, we recognized our need to work with a professional that was not only creative and had a great sense of style, but most importantly demonstrated a work ethic that paralleled our desire for quality and attention to detail.

Our original project involved a bathroom remodel and, in spite of challenging circumstances, it was finished on time and within budget. John Fazzolari and his team of professionals offered creative solutions that far exceeded our expectations. And John’s design suggestions took our project from a classic remodel to a level of design excellence, enhancing not only the enjoyment of our bathroom, but also increasing the overall value of our home.

It’s all about the little details…and we were charmed by John’s resourcefulness in re-purposing our granite tiles into flooring baseboards.

Before the conclusion of the bathroom remodel, we realized John and his team were the “right fit” to tackle our kitchen redesign. Similar to our bathroom, our kitchen remodel involved a unique set a variables that required creative engineering. We couldn’t have been more thrilled with the result. Our kitchen has been the “talk” of friends and family during this holiday season. We honestly and sincerely recommend Fazzolari Custom Homes for any of your building or restoration needs.


Kris Hackett

Custom Home

Fazzolari Construction built a custom home for us. John ensured it was done with quality workmanship and to the highest standards. He kept us advised of all work progress and provided sound advice on structural, design, and interior choices.

We’ve had other “custom” homes built around us and I saw nothing but shoddy workmanship with the homeowners having MANY repair problems.


Bob Battaglia

Kitchen Remodel

John Fazzolari has a wealth of experience in the residential building and remodel industries. He is well-respected, reliable, and honest. I am very grateful that he was involved in my project.


Valerie Olson

Kitchen Remodel

So far, we’ve had Fazzolari Construction do a kitchen remodel for us, as well as some changes in the office and my wife’s sewing room.

John’s estimate was dead on accurate, and he had some great suggestions for approaching some of the work in ways we hadn’t considered. Not only did his suggestions work well but they saved us money, too!

John and his crew were very respectful of both our home and our schedules, and they completed the project within the original schedule John provided to us. The work performed  was top notch, and included sourcing and installing new granite countertops and granite sinks, a ceramic backsplash, double ovens (replacing a single oven and microwave), new gas cooktop (replacing an original electric cooktop), new cooktop ventilation, a microwave, new dishwasher, accent lighting, and new cabinets which perfectly match the original cabinets that we kept.

Visitors have commented that the kitchen is both beautiful and looks like it was the original kitchen, i.e., it fits in perfectly with the rest of the family room, etc.

We simply could not be happier with the work John and his crew did — from the accuracy of his bid and the respect he showed us and our home. I would highly recommend Fazzolari Construction if you are looking for high quality work, done in a timely manner, and on bid. You’ll have a home you’ll be proud of.


Bob & Becci Willoughby

Basement Remodel

John transformed our dingy basement into a beautiful gathering spot. This was an area of our home that no one wanted to stay in. Now, it’s the place to be. John was easy to work with and has incredible attention to detail.


Shar & Jon Stuart

Complete Remodel

This is not our first rodeo, so we had some idea of what to expect going in. And although living in a house that’s being remodeled isn’t ideal — something we’ve done before and swore we’d never do again — when all is said and done and you’re left with a beautiful home, the dust and zippered walls fade pretty quickly.

John and his crews did a great job putting up with our perfectionism. He’s also a truly nice guy. He’s a builder but his business is people. That may sound like some sort of slogan, but at the end of such an unwieldy, disruptive and intrusive process, it’s something that makes a huge difference.


Betsy & Mike Sperry