What you should know about us

Fazzolari Construction

The basics

We may build custom homes, but we’re really in the people business. In other words, while swinging hammers is certainly important, we never lose sight of the fact that a home’s real foundation is the trust you’ve placed in us.

Our Job

No two ways about it, we want you to love your home. But equally important to us is that you’re pleased with the process. Emotional gravity and financial stress are inescapable side effects of building a home—whether from the ground up or a major renovation—so we feel obliged to set your expectations on a foundation of honesty, and to keep you abreast of the inevitable shifts in the schedule and budget. In other words, we want to do more than simply build you a house, we want to leave you with a home — a place you fill with fond memories, including those you associate with Fazzolari.

In the end, if we’ve done our job well, the unavoidable delays and any consequent frustrations will be matters that we prepared you for and absorbed with you along the way, so that what stands before you is the custom home you were dreaming of, and a crew of individuals you’re happy to call friends as much as builders.

Our People and Culture

We are a diverse bunch: a canoe-paddling, guitar-picking master carpenter from Texas; a selfless, big-hearted framing pro who’s traveled the world, building houses and doing mission work; a gruff but kind and loyal handyman with a passion for NASCAR; a former college baseball coach who traded game management for business management; a techno-wiz who laughs easily and genuinely, is crazy enough to don the tools of Ignorance for his adult league baseball team, and had the eggs to start Fazzolari back in 2003; and a blonde beauty who keeps this band of misfits in line — that is when she’s not offroading Jeeps or swimming with dolphins.

We dig our community, we support each other and our families, and we appreciate building cool stuff around us. Our office is part workplace, part saloon, and part locker room. It ain’t fancy but we love it anyway. We try to do right by our clients, always, because we prefer to greet them in the grocery store, not run from them.

Our Philosophy

As a truly custom homes builder, every project we take on is a prototype: no one has ever built your plan on your lot with your material selections. Quite different from the big nationals who limit your choices and spit out the same three house plans like used bubblegum. That’s fine if you want to live in a cookie-cutter house that looks like every other place on the block. It’s just not our thing. We take our clients from the dream stage to the completion of a truly custom project. Along the way, you’ll be supported by our sales staff, our team of design professionals, and our project managers. That is our thing.


Recognition and Industry Accolades

Construction awards are about as far away from those star studded, red carpet things as it gets. Tuxedos? Please. Besides, we’ve got too much grease on our elbows to rub them with anyone else’s. Still, hardware does seem appropriate for guys with tools, and having been recognized for our performance hopefully means something to you as you search for a builder.

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Contact Us

How and where to reach us

The truth is, building or renovating custom homes is a time consuming process, often with unavoidable delays. That said, getting your contractor to return your calls should never factor in, so we make it easy for you to reach us in a variety of ways. If you do happen to catch our voice mail, we’ll call you back. Send us a message and you can expect a response. Just as soon as we get down off the roof.

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