Founder, Yankees fanatic and all around nice guy.

John Fazzolari

Rough carpenter. But he’s only rough on the outside.

Franklin McVicker

CFO. Which means she’s the one who’s really in charge. Just ask John.

Shae Fazzolari

One part carpenter, seven parts Tasmanian Devil.

Jim Brigham

General manager, good glove man up the middle, and knows Jack well enough to call him John.

Chris Sperry

Almost as good at slaying fish as he is laying tile.

Seth Saucedo

Project manager and master carpenter. United States veteran who could carve his own canoe.

Paul Huckaby

Project manager. Framing god. Renaissance man. Nuff said.

Mark Haley

Painter and family man with a heart so big we wonder how it fits inside his chest.

Chris Hill

Framer with a bone dry wit as quick as his nail gun.

Bryce Hess

Scuba diving hockey player and master electrician. Shocking.

Mike Lipe

Dry-waller with a touch as gentle as his soul.

Juan Hernandez

Future all-star giving millennials a good name.

Jonah Roberts

Resident foodie and customer service sage.

Scott Hanna