Whether you’re seeing them in your home, talking to them on the phone, or they’re in the background, our team makes this whole operation run smoothly.

John Fazzolari - CEO

John Fazzolari

Founder, Yankees fanatic and all around nice guy.
Shae Fazzolari - CFO

Shae Fazzolari

CFO. Which means she’s the one who’s really in charge. Just ask John.
Paul Huckaby - Fazzolari Construction Project Manager

Paul Huckaby

Project manager and master carpenter. United States veteran who could carve his own canoe.
Jim Brigham - Carpenter

Jim Brigham

One part carpenter, seven parts Tasmanian Devil.
Photo of Sam Stronczek

Sam Stronczek

Future all-star giving millennials a good name.
Scott Hanna

Scott Hanna

Resident foodie and customer service sage.
Jonahs Storaci

Jonahs Storaci

Numbers, spreadsheets? No problem!
Bryce Hess - Carpenter

Bryce Hess

Framer with a bone dry wit as quick as his nail gun.
Juan Hernandez - Dry Waller

Juan Hernandez

Dry-waller with a touch as gentle as his soul.
Chris Hill - Painter

Chris Hill

Painter and family man with a heart so big we wonder how it fits inside his chest.

Franklin McVicker

Rough carpenter. But he’s only rough on the outside.
Lily the dog wearing a fazzolari baseball cap.


Good dog.
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