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Major Renovation

A home that whispers “this place is really cool.”

The majority of mid-century modern homes are mid-century not-so-modern anymore. Our goal, with this particular home, was to utilize contemporary building materials while holding true to the house’s roots, yielding a sleek jump into an entirely new century.

Mid-80s Renovation

Lions and tigers and bears…Perfect.

Living on the edge of the forest where bears, bobcats and bats are all part of the neighborhood, a ground-up renovation of a mid-80s contemporary home wasn’t nearly as scary as it might have been.

Custom Home

Off the grid. As in waaaay off.

Way out there — almost in another hemisphere, it seemed  — this project required us to build during snowstorms. Not your typical construction weather, but then this isn’t your typical house.

Condo Remodel

Welcome to the modern era.

How do you bring a 1970’s design relic into the 21st century? Knock out some walls, throw out everything, including the kitchen sink, and then modernize the bellbottoms out of it.

Kitchen/Living Room Remodel

Fabulous facelift for Felida family.

When your forgotten dining room is defined by a lonely table best suited for ping-pong, it may be time for a refresh.

Tour Home

Three stories, five months, six awards.

The “Giving House” was our first turn at bat with tour homes, so named because we donated all the profits to Open House Ministries, a local family shelter.