What happens during demolition?

Pry bars and hammers and trashcans, oh my!

Think of demo as the storm before the calm. It’s when we come in and rip out all the old items in a room — like counters and cabinets, and flooring — throw them away and haul them off for you before your new space can be rebuilt and your lives can return to normal. It ain’t pretty or delicate work and it creates a mess. Our job is to make sure that the mess is contained properly and that nothing gets damaged that isn’t supposed to be.

Prior to demo, we test for asbestos contamination. Asbestos is a carcinogen that must be contained and disposed of properly when found in building materials. It is commonly found in certain adhesives, insulation, drywall, and flooring. When disturbed, building products containing asbestos create dust particles that can be hazardous to those exposed. Products testing positive for asbestos are certified and must be removed and disposed of by hazardous material experts. Most local dumpsites will not accept construction debris without a “clean” certification.


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