How long does it take to do a major remodel?

Kitchen or bath remodels rarely take us more than 6-10 weeks to complete because the work scope is narrow and clearly defined. Larger projects, like whole house remodels or additions that require building plans and engineering, can take anywhere from 6-24 months to complete. Every job is different. Location. Size. Details. All impact the time it takes to complete project.

As the homeowner, one thing that you can do to help ensure steady job progress is to make all your design and material selections up front and then stick to them. Changing your shower tile, for example, is not only costly but the delay in reordering could be followed by a tile setter whose schedule just got pushed out three weeks.


What happens if we don’t like it?

Occasionally, we begin a project only to learn that the newly installed tile backsplash that the homeowner loved in the showroom doesn’t look the same when it reflects, say, the…
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How should we prepare for a remodel?

Start by researching and planning your project completely. Knowing all your design and material choices ahead of time gives your project the best chance to be an on-time success. Set…
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Is remodeling tax deductible?

Hey, we’re not tax attorneys so we’d rather suggest some reading on the subject, as well as a cup of coffee with your accountant. Below is a surface scratch of…
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