How does Fazzolari select their subs and partners?

The term “sub” has a bad ring to our ears. Sort of implies that a general contractor like Fazzolari somehow breathes the purer air of Everest. We do use the term, but only to describe tradespeople who have proven themselves unreliable, irresponsible, or incapable of producing the quality we expect.

We prefer to use the term “trade partner” instead. These are folks we’ve worked with many, many times and have proven their value with their excellent work, dependability, and professionalism.

If you choose to work with Fazzolari, you won’t need to worry about selecting trade partners. That’s part of what you pay us for.


Who will be our project manager?

Our lead project managers are Paul Huckaby, a master finish carpenter who has been with Fazzolari for more than a decade, and Mark Haley, an industry pro who ran his…
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How many bids should we get?

First, it’s important to understand the difference between a bid and an estimate. A bid is a firm number based on a defined scope of work and specific product or…
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What is “custom” construction?

You know that new neighborhood that suddenly popped up where the old Peterson farm used to be? Chances are those three hundred new homes were built using the same three…
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What is new home construction?

We’re going to resist the temptation to elaborate on the pressure Larry Fortensky must have felt the night he became Elizabeth Taylor’s seventh husband. Suffice it to say that if…
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