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John and Sheryl Schulling

Custom Home

Pick Your Moments

Sound strategy for a budget conscious project.

With a keen eye on the bottom line, the Schulling’s smartly prioritized the features and characteristics of their project that were most important, using the savings to splurge on items that meant the most to them. We call this, “picking your moments.”


With a budget to stick to, John and Cheryl Schulling needed to prioritize the features and characteristics of their new home. In doing so, they made tough choices to save money in some areas of the design while using the savings to splurge on items that meant the most to them. We call this, “picking your moments.”

The shining moments in this home include white painted wainscoting, not throughout the house but rather as a focal point in the dining room alone; 5” white oak flooring throughout; a handsome granite slab on the kitchen island with a more understated and cost-effective quartz countertop on the perimeter; interior doors with transom windows that extend to a height of eight feet; and a modest wine room with open cedar shelving and a repurposed wine cask table to sit around.

You don’t have to be a Rockefeller to build a beautiful custom home you’re proud of. You just have to pick your moments.


  • John Fazzolari Project Manager
  • Scott Jeschke Framing
  • Pat White Roofing
  • Mike Hadfield Plumbing
  • Bart Thor Electrical
  • Chris Hill Painting
  • Andrew Morr Cabinets
  • Dave Delano Cabinets
  • Sean McIntosh Hardwood Floors
  • Marshall Hatfield Siding
  • Alex Isotov Masonry
  • Juan Andrare Hardscape
  • Paul Tapani Excavation
  • Jason Kaski Foundation

She said…

John is very personable, and well respected in the community. He employs a good staff that were also easy for us to work with. Great subcontractors — in fact, we’re still friends with Andy at Hayes Cabinets.

We made several changes to our house plan that John worked to accommodate, and he helped to keep us on budget (even though we still went way over).

Sheryl Schulling