Custom Home Construction Trends For 2022

Custom Home Construction Trends 2022

It can be difficult to decide what you want when it comes to building or renovating your home. So, you might be wondering if there are any great custom home construction trends for 2022 that you can incorporate into your new home design.

If you are planning on renovating or building your house soon, this is your chance to design something stylish and modern but that also suits you and your needs.

Trends are trends for a reason. And they are often influenced by the market and needs of society. Trends are not just for people who want to be fashionable. They can actually be very useful to follow.

So, here are our favorite upcoming home construction trends to get you inspired.

5 Top Trends In Custom Home Construction For 2022

Home construction trends have changed a lot these past two years as people are at home more. Home designs have recently been reflecting individual creativity and comfort. The following trends speak to a home that you and your family will want to be in.

Colorful Kitchens

The pandemic has had a huge influence on the importance of certain areas in the home. The kitchen has become the new entertainment area in a home since gatherings have become quite intimate.

Colors in the kitchen make the space more lively and interesting. If you like the look of a neutral kitchen, consider color blocking your kitchen cabinets or pantry. You could even opt for color appliances instead.

This burst of color in your kitchen energizes the room and makes you want to stay home for a meal. Design a space you can picture yourself entertaining from.


Since we are home more these days, keeping maintenance costs low is desirable. This is why we predict the popularity of sustainable homes to continue increasing. We have seen their popularity rise since 2020.

Being sustainable includes natural construction materials such as brick and stone for the exterior walls. Landscaping in the garden will be centered around using less water for maintenance (to save on costs and to be kinder to the environment). In terms of the interior, recycled or refurbished materials are popular for furniture and decor.

People have become a lot more conscious of the waste they are putting out into the environment. Sustainability really is the way forward.

Curvier Building Elements

Curvier building elements have really taken off in the marketplace. Curved lines are a lot softer and easier on the eye than harsh, sharp lines. For example, when we see curved arches above doorways, it feels a lot more inviting.

Curves are more natural than straight lines so it makes sense that we find these shapes more pleasant. If you have a small space and want to mimic a feeling of depth, adding a curvy architectural element is the way to go.

Hallways and windows look great with a curve. You can achieve this by using arches in their design. The curve trend is also popular with furniture inside the house – think couches or even vases.

WFH Spaces

WFH – or ‘working from home’ – spaces in the house have become increasingly popular for obvious reasons. We seem to have mastered the art of the home office in recent months. This trend is all about designing a study room that is fresh and ergonomic.

Keeping your workspace neutral with splashes of color will keep you energized, focused, and refreshed. Opt for colors like green or red to keep that motivation up. You don’t want to paint the whole room one bright color as this can be too distracting.

Make sure your space is as open as possible. An open plan area with good light and big windows is ideal. Never underestimate the power of fresh air!

Personalized Bedrooms

A trend we saw pick up in 2021 that will likely continue in 2022, is that of personalized bedrooms. There was a shift away from designing bedrooms that are modern yet detached from anything personal to us.

Bedrooms have become our sanctuaries where we retreat and relax. This is the time to embrace design choices that express your personality. Do not shy away from bold colors, interesting prints, or even 3D applications to the walls.


Lockdowns have changed the way we see our homes. We are now at home more often and our houses need to be a place we actually want to be in. 2022 is the perfect time to embrace whatever makes you feel more at home.

Whether you want to color block your kitchen, opt for more sustainable living, go with the curves, create the perfect office space or be bold with your bedroom, this is the time to do it.

Designing a custom home really is about you embracing your creativity. Let this roundup of upcoming trends inspire you to create your dream home.


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