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John and Shae Fazzolari


Our House

In the middle of our street.

In 2004, with their kids at the center of their school’s social circuit, mobs of teens and pre-teens began descending on John and Shae’s newly-acquired 2,600 square foot craftsman. Things quickly started to feel a bit cramped.


With two kids who seemed to find themselves at the center of their school’s social circuit, Fazzolari Construction owners John and Shae Fazzolari figured they’d rather have their son and daughter’s friends crashing at their house than wonder where they were at night. As mobs of teens and pre-teens descended on their newly-acquired 2,600 square foot craftsman-style home in Felida, things started to feel cramped. Quickly. So in 2004, they added 1,500 robust square feet of living space, increasing the home’s size by nearly 60%!
It was an impressive feat.

To start the renovation, the roof was removed in dramatic fashion then raised to make room for a second-floor bonus room that was, eventually, outfitted with all things kid. Today, a pool table, baby grand piano, and a gaming station share the space with a spiral staircase that accesses the overhead loft. The room is highlighted by views of iconic Mt. St. Helens seen through large windows located on the north and east walls. The second floor remodel was capped off by converting an existing office into a much larger en suite with a bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet.

Downstairs, the main level was updated with a homey new kitchen that features classic white cabinetry, quartz countertops, and a farm sink that would make Joanna Gaines turn another shade of green. The massive island with beverage sink has been the center of countless gatherings with friends and family, which of course was the point.


  • John Fazzolari Project Manager
  • Harry Brown Framing
  • Bart Thorkildson Electrician
  • Dave Delano Finish Carpenter
  • Sean McIntosh Hardwood Flooring
  • Jim Tavares Tile Setter
  • Thad Robinson Plumbing
  • Jim Wampach Glass
  • John & Shae Fazzolari Design
  • Lonnie Hutchinson HVAC

She said…

We’ve built a lot of houses over the years, including a few for ourselves, so I can sympathize with homeowners who struggle to make decisions. There are just so many appliances, colors, shapes, and textures that will make up the finished product. It can be overwhelming!

By the time we got to our current house — a remodel and addition — I had learned to trust my instincts. For example, if I had paired my faucet choices down to two, I knew either one of them would look great. If you’re going to hit a home run, do you really care if it goes over the left-field fence or the right-field fence? Arriving at this point made the process so much less stressful because it freed me up to make decisions.

Remodeling is stressful, dirty, noisy, feels like it takes longer than it should, and you get tired of people in your house. But then…the end result! Seven years later when I come down the stairs, I look at my kitchen and am still in love!

Shae Fazzolari