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John and Vicky Mikesh

Condo Remodel

Vancouver High Rise

Welcome to the modern era.

How do you bring a 1970’s design relic into the 21st century? Knock out some walls, throw out everything, including the kitchen sink, and then modernize the bellbottoms out of it.


Recently retired and longing to live closer to family, Seattle-area transplants John and Vicky Mikesh were faced with a challenge when they inherited a dated two-bedroom condo from John’s mother. Their goals were simple: add natural light, capitalize on a view of the Columbia River, and bring a 70’s design relic into the 21st century.

The first goal was accomplished substantially by sacrificing two bedroom walls, exposing a clear path from the doorway to an inviting wall of glass on the veranda. Next, we attached metal hat-channel to the concrete ceiling and added sheetrock to hide the old popcorn texture. With just inches to work with, low-profile recessed lighting was tucked above the drywall before we added a beautiful hand-troweled texture to the entire home.

While the condo went from two bedrooms to one, John and Vicky now enjoy a living room that doubled in size, features a modern fireplace update, and sits adjacent to an enviable galley kitchen that boasts modern flat-panel cabinetry and stunning slab counters. Plus, we added a craft room for Vicky that doubles as a bedroom for visiting grandkids.

Welcome to the modern era.


  • Paul Huckaby Project Manager
  • Mike Lipe Electrician
  • Alan Adams Plumber
  • Seth Saucedo Tile Setter
  • Andy Morr Cabinet Design
  • Chris Hill Painter
  • Michelle Hughes Flooring and Tile Design
  • Lee Wood Drywall
  • John Van Druff Electronics

They said…

Selecting Fazzolari Homes for our condo remodel was such a good decision. Living two and a half hours away, we never felt out of the loop and were able to stay a distant ‘hands-on’ as they would share updates through photos and messaging.

We needed to open up the living space to take advantage of our view, completely redo the kitchen and update the lighting all while working within the HOA concerns. Chris Sperry was our personal liaison and basically held our hand through the process. This included meeting with a kitchen designer, flooring and countertop representatives, appliance selection, electrician, built-in technology and lighting and plumbing options.

The improvements accomplished showed they listened to our wants and exceeded our expectations: the Santa Fe wall texturing, lowered ceiling with LED dimmable lighting throughout, the state-of-the-art Atmos sound and entertainment system and especially the new kitchen.

Experiencing first hand their quality of workmanship, teamwork and excellent communication, we would certainly recommend them.

John and Vicky Mikesh