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The Snyder-Dickson Family

Major Renovation

Mid-Century Modernization

A home that whispers “this place is really cool.”

The majority of mid-century modern homes are mid-century not-so-modern anymore. Our goal, with this particular home, was to utilize contemporary building materials while holding true to the house’s roots, yielding a sleek jump into an entirely new century.


This mid-century modern, located in Portland’s northeast Mt. Tabor neighborhood, was in search of a much-needed update. The goal? To utilize contemporary building materials while holding true to the house’s roots. The home of an accomplished artist and dog lover, form and function were equally important to the project’s success.

Clean, linear geometry teamed with glass, metal and concrete surface selections lent an industrial feel that was balanced with strong art pieces and subtle colors. Smooth, hard textures dominated the interior in way that whispered, “This place is really cool.” For some of us here at Fazzolari Construction, this project remains a favorite showpiece.


  • Greg Bournival Project Manager
  • Brian Helsing Windows
  • Tyler Draper Plumbing
  • Dave Bloom Plumbing Fixtures
  • Lyle Kargel HVAC
  • Bart Thorkildson Electrician
  • Benjamin Cunin Custom Concrete
  • Deven Paolo Custom Metalwork
  • John Van Druff Electronics
  • Andy Morr Cabinet Design
  • Dave Garner Appliances

He said…

When I joined Fazzolari Construction, this was one of the projects that got me excited about the remodeling side of our business. John’s knack for collaborating with homeowners and our design partners really came through, and it showed me what old homes can become with just a little creative vision.

Chris Sperry, GM